Sullivan County Prosecutor

Juvenile Division

The Sullivan County Prosecutor’s Office deals with all juvenile matters within Sullivan County. When an offense is committed by a person less than 18, those offenses may be filed as juvenile delinquency petitions. Delinquency petitions can range from any act that would have constituted an adult crime had the person been at least 18, to school discipline, truancy matters or runaway issues.

These matters can be handled formally or informally depending on the severity of the offense. When dealing with juveniles, our main goal is to deter the child from any further criminal behavior and put them on a better path before they become adults.

Katie Springer

Katie Springer

Deputy Prosecutor Katie Springer handles most juvenile matters within our office. Katie can be contacted at It should be noted that all juvenile matters are confidential and therefore we can only discuss them with the juvenile, their parents, guardians, or their attorney.